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Laptop buyers guide : a fererence of resources
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This is a list of resources for laptop buyers to check before going to get it. It includes tips and things to be checked before investing. It includes articles those are helpful to all level ofreaders.

Laptop Buying guide


A very useful guide


PC Magazine,1895,3483,00.asp  a very good resource of links


How to buy a laptop from PC World,125647/printable.html


Mac books


Build your own notebook


Buying guide- e-bay


Windows or MAC ?


Buyers Guide to Laptops and Notebook Computers


Laptop Computer Buying Guide


Laptop magazine


Recommendations for buying pc/laptop


Choosing a laptop


A guide to laptop buyers


How to buy laptops


Laptop Buyers Guide


Laptop Logic Fall 2006 Laptop Buyer's Guide


25 things you need to know about laptop at,239035649,240054282,00.htm


Laptop buyers guide


IBM Lenovo Thinkpad


A buyers guide to laptop


Selecting a used laptop : tips and tricks

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